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Advice of Delivery

St. Kitts and Nevis Postal services

The Advice of Delivery is an additional service, subject to a charge, available for Registered Letters and Insured Parcels.  The sender receives a signed advice that an item has been delivered to the addressee.  In most countries, this advice or certificate, is signed by both the addressee (or an authorized person) and the party handing over the item.

The following products may be combined with Advice of Delivery.

  • Letters (only in conjunction with registered items)
  • Postcards (only conjunction with registered items)
  • Printed Matters (only conjunction with registered items)
  • Literature for the blind (only conjunction with registered items)
  • Parcels


The fee for an Advice of Delivery is EC$1.50.  This fee is in addition to the charge for registered items.

IRC (International Reply Coupon)

International Reply Coupons are exchangeable in all member countries of the Universal Postal Union for the minimum fee of a priority item or an unregistered airmail letter sent to a foreign country.

IRC are not sold in St. Kitts and Nevis.  They are exchangeable for stamps or postal stationery at .75ยข (EC) each.