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International Mail

St. Kitts and Nevis Postal services

International Mail

International Mail can be classified into: – Letter – type post, parcel post and EMS.  Choose the type of service most suitable for your needs.  (See Products for size and weight limits and postage rate to calculate cost of item.)

Airmail Services

Airmail items are conveyed by air, please write PAR AVION (or AIRMAIL) in black or red ink in the upper left corner of the addressed side of your letter or package.  (Under the name and address of the sender by airmail stickers or marks can also be affixed for you at the Post Office upon request).  Any of our products can be sent by airmail.

Surface Mail Services

Surface mail varies in rate according to weight and speed and takes much longer than Airmail.  You will need to write “SURFACE” on the item.  Any of our products except for Aeogrammes can be sent by surface mail not available for some countries – (see surface parcels).