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Licence to Sell Postage Stamps
Below are the terms and conditions for the sale of stamps by Stamp Vendors: –
a)  A licence is granted solely for the purpose of enabling Stamp Vendors to provide extra facilities to the residents of and visitors to the country, to purchase postage stamps at places more convenient to the purchaser, or at times when the Post Offices are closed for business.
b)  The licence to sell Postage Stamps expires on 31st December, each year, and is issued free of charge on application to the Postmaster General.

c)  Stamp Vendors are entitled to 5% commission on the total amount of stamp sold annually. The minimum purchase of stamps, at any one time must not be less than $100.00.

d)  Every Licence Stamp Vendor must provide an exhibit outside the premises where he is licenced to sell postage stamps, a notice bearing the words “Licence to Sell Stamps”. The Notice must be placed in such a position as to be clearly visible to the public.