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Conditions for Box Rental

St. Kitts and Nevis Postal services

  • The box is rented for one year or less at the rate of $85.00 expiring 31st December next ensuing. Rental shall be payable in advance in the month of January of each year.


  • A deposit of $25.00 must be paid in addition to the rent as guarantee for the safe return of the key when use of the box is discontinued.


  • The box is rented to you and may not be transferred to or lent to any person. Should the use of the box be discontinued the key must be returned to the Postmaster General.


  • You will be required to pay for any damage done to the box and/or key by you or your agent.


  • In the event of any letter or packet being placed in your box either accidentally or because of it’s being wrongly addressed, such letter or packet should immediately be returned to the Post Office. Should the renter or the holder of the key, of any box fail to comply with this provision, it shall be lawful for the Postmaster General to discontinue the use of the box by such renter.


  • Where the rent of a box is NOT paid by 31st day of January of any year, a penalty fee of EC$20.00 shall be imposed and collected for every month or part thereof that the rent is outstanding. Additionally, the box will be locked off, should the arrears be more than two (2) months.


  • In the event of a key of a Private Letter Box being lost or misplaced the renter shall be liable to pay for a new key, and for any alteration to or replacement of the lock as may be necessary.


  • We deliver to your box address as printed on your mail. If the box number is not shown as part of your address, the Post Office should not be expected to sort letters in the box. The box number should appear on a separate line. Please update your mailing address to reflect your assigned P O Box number.


Use the following example as a guide for proper addressing: –


P O BOX 0000


We encourage you to remove mail from your box regularly. You can make a special arrangement with the Supervisor of Mail Operations if you won’t be able to pick up your mail for more than 30 days.