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Insured Mail

St. Kitts and Nevis Postal services

(1)  Insurance affords a mean of coverage against loss, rifling, or damage to Parcel Post.   Insurance is available only for Parcel Post and only to certain countries.  Insurance is not available for letter post items.

(2)  The insurance coverage of a parcel may not be more than the declared value of the contents.  Coverage is limited to the actual value of the contents regardless of the fee paid.  Maximum limit compensation is $650.00.


(3)  Insured items shall be made up in such a way that the contents cannot be tampered with, without obvious damage to the package, or seals and shall be sealed by effective means such as heavy adhesive tape.

Items which have the exterior appearance of a box must fulfill the following additional conditions:-

  • They shall be of wood, metal or plastic and sufficiently strong.
  • The walls of wooded box shall have a minimum thickness of the millimeters.