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Meter Mail

St. Kitts and Nevis Postal services

The Postage Meter system allows for the quick dispatch of outgoing mail without the purchase of stamps for each item.  With the latest technology advances, meters have become popular as a convenient way to pay for postage and track costs.  Meters print postage meter indicia, indicating the postage paid date and actual office of posting directly onto the mail piece or onto an approved label.  A particular advantage of meters is the ability to print the exact rate you need for your particular mailing.
Postage meters provided by Pitney Bowes are the authorized meters for use in St Kitts and Nevis.  Local agent for the Pitney Bowes product is
                             T D C
                             Business Equipment Divisions
                             P O Box 142
                             Central Street
The provider is held responsible for the control operation, maintenance and replacement of the meters.
1. No Postal Meter Franking Machine shall be used unless it has been presented with a licence issued by the Postmaster General and payment made in advance in respect of each postage impression made by the machine.
2. Impressions made by the Postal Meter Franking Machine specified in the Schedule hereto shall be accepted as Prepayment of postage provided they are clearly legible and complete and made upon the actual material of the cover or envelope of the postal packet to be posted or on an adhesive label of a type approved by the Postmaster and affixed to the postal packet to be posted.

3. The serial number of each die shall be notified to the Postmaster and entered on the Schedule hereto before the die is brought into use.

4. The date appearing in the date stamping die impression on postal packets shall be the date on which posting is effected.

5. All postal packets stamped by the machine shall be arranged with the addressees facing the same way and with each category of postal packet (for example letters or printed papers) tied in a separate bundle.

6. All postal packets stamped by the machine shall be handed in at the counter of the Post Office unless the Postmaster has given permission for the items to be posted in a specified letter box.  Postal packets stamped by a franking machine and posted in any way other than that prescribed shall be liable for surcharging as unpaid.

7. Whether the machine is used or not, a posting dockets shall be submitted to the Postmaster at the close of business every Friday and on the last day of each month.  The Posting docket shall indicate in respect of each meter:-

(a) The name and address and licence Number of the User and the identification number of the machine and meter.

(b) The date and time of reading the meter.

(c) The meter reading at the date and time quoted at (b).

8. The Postmaster (or his accredited representative) has authority to inspect the Postal Meter Franking Machine and its attachments at any time during usual business hours at the User’s place of business or if the Postmaster so requires, at the Meter Setting Post Office named in the Schedule hereto.

9. The User shall keep the machine including the meter or meters in good condition and to ensure the efficient working thereto the User shall once in every two years or more frequently if the Postmaster shall so direct allow the manufacturers of the machine to inspect it so that such repairs as may be necessary may be effected and so that the manufacturers may furnish to the Postmaster such certificate of the good condition of the machine as may be required by the Postmaster.

10. A deduction of 5 per cent of face value shall be made on any allowance granted by the Postmaster in respect of impressions made in error.  Application for any such allowance shall be made in writing within one month of the date of stamping and shall be accompanied by the entire envelope, wrappers or address labels.  No allowance shall be granted in respect of impressions, which are illegible.

11. No responsibility or liability shall be attributed to or accepted by the Postmaster or the Post Office funds or any officer of the Post Office for the working of the machine or meters or for any rejection or delay in delivery of postal packets bearing such impressions as aforesaid.

12. The User shall not remove or otherwise interfere with any seal placed on the machine or meter by the Post Office.

13. No slogan or design shall be impressed upon postal packets unless it shall first have been approved by the Postmaster and an example of the impression recorded on the reverse of the Schedule hereto.

14. The User shall not without the Postmaster’s licence in writing use or permit to be used for such purpose as aforesaid any franking machine or meter or die other than those specified on the Schedule hereto.

15. All postal packets impressed in pursuance of a licence shall in all respects except as to the mode of prepayment of postage be subject to a Ordinances and Regulations applicable to other postal packets of the same kind.

16. The conditions of a licence and the Schedule thereto may be altered and added to at any time by the Postmaster if and so far as may be necessary to bring them into conformity with the regulations and rules for the time being of the Post Office and to record and amend details of machine meters and dies in use.

17. Any notice appertaining to a licence from the Postmaster to the User shall be sufficiently given if notified to the User in a letter or writing left at or sent by post addressed to the address given or the User’s last known or usual place of abode or business or to his Private Box at the Post Office.